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March 22, 2009


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where did you find the plastic cups used in this project?
I'm in Beaverton and can't find any.

Susan Finch

I believe at a party store that specializes in wedding supplies.
I'll ask our art lit coordinator from last year if she knows where they were purchased.

Susan Finch

We found them by special ordering at Party Depot. They were NOT easy to track down. You may want to try online, especially because of the quantities most schools need. Google: plastic punch cups with handles

kirsten l.

OMG! This worked fantastic!! We tried a different technique, which was ok, BUT this was so much better. We used plastic stemmed cups & shot glasses at home first. My 17 yr old daughter really got creative and stacked the shot glasses, which made some really unique shapes. I cannot wait to do this with my elem art students & make an installation for our school. Thank you for such a GREAT idea!!

kirsten l.

I forgot to mention, I purchased the plastic cups at a dollar store.

Ashley Y.

Do you recommend using an old toaster oven or is it okay to use one you still use to toast bread in?

What did you use to hang all the cups together to create the installation?

Susan Finch

As long as the toaster is clean. I'd let it air out after the project - just for a day to get that plastic smell out.

We used mono-filament to string them together - use something sort of thick. You may have to melt your knot or put crazy glue on it to keep it from untying your knot.

Katie Boothe

I love this idea and I want to make sure I'm doing this safely with my students. I am thinking of running an extension cord outside and putting the toaster on the sidewalk by my exterior door. Is this safe enough according to OSHA, manufacturer's guidelines, etc? I had a lot of other teachers ask me about toxicity of gases when I brought this idea up.

Susan Finch

I'm not sure. We just knew it wasn't good in an enclosed room - we opened all the windows. I think outside is a good idea. I can't tell you about OSHA guidelines - just use your mom sense - it stinks, it's plastic burning - open up the windows or be outside.


How did you group them together?

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